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A New Book From Revealer Contributing Editor Scott Korb

"Expertly researched, beautifully distilled, and filled with wit." --Jeff Sharlet, New York Times bestselling author of The Family

Lost In Heaven

Seeing myself well lost once more, I sighed, 'Where, where in Heaven am I? But don't tell me! O opening clouds, by opening on me wide. Let's let my heavenly lostness overwhelm me.~~ROBERT FROST, Lost in Heaven

Cat’s Eye

It's an old light, and there's not much of it. But it's enough to see by.~~MARGARET ATWOOD, Cat's Eye


For true and false will in no better way be revealed and uncovered than in resistance to a contradiction.~~ST. THOMAS AQUINAS

The Mirror

For everything hidden must be revealed, each secret longs to be disclosed, each love yearns to be betrayed, everything sacred must be desecrated.~~ISAAC BASHEVIS SINGER, The Mirror

Rough Week for the RCC

Elissa Lerner: It’s been a rough week for the Catholic Church. Here’s a quick roundup: on March 4, the AP broke the story about the resurgence of child abuse by priests in German high schools, which was then criticized as “a wall of silence.” March 5, a senior aide to the Pope and a Vatican...

Protesting Glorification of the Nation-State.

Ann Neumann: If Goshen College in Indiana, the largest Anabaptist college in the US, thought they could start playing the national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, before athletic events and no one would notice, a new poll, Jesus Radicals and a couple of Facebook pages are proving them wrong. The college, which chose to end...

Normal predicaments of human divinity

Ann Neumann: Haaretz interviews Revealer contributing editor Scott Korb about his new book, “Life in Year One: What the World was Like in First-Century Palestine” and the challenges of writing history, particularly a history that has divine significance for so many. His objective, Korb says, was to do for Jesus’ contemporaries what Agee did in...

The Invisible Particularity of the Secular

Adam H. Becker: Cries of discrimination have been raised in France over the decision by a private restaurant chain to serve only halal meat (i.e., ritually slaughtered and drained of most of its blood). Presumably someone thought it would be good for business, but now those who enjoy the savory taste of meat with blood...

When Plans Backfire

Elissa Lerner: In case you’ve missed it, Uganda has been proposing anti-gay legislation (“inspired” by American evangelicals, according to Time). The latest in the saga: an anti-gay Ugandan clergyman tried to garner support for the bill by showing a gay porn film – a means to educate some 300 people on the physical activity of...

More Oversight for Missionaries

Stephanie Butnick: Sarah Posner writes on The Daily Beast that theĀ “media scrum”surrounding the 10 Baptist missionaries from Idaho charged with child trafficking in Haiti is drawing attention to the problem of undersupervised American missionaries abroad. The highly publicized incident illustrates the need for mission organizations to administer more rigorous volunteer background checks, familiarize volunteers with...

Best Buy's Best New Market?

Elissa Lerner: It couldn’t be more American. The LA Times reported Best Buy’s recent initiative to engage in marketing to Muslims this past Eid-al-Adha. Although naysayers point out that for some, “Muslim” is synonymous with “terrorism” and could lead to bad brand association, it’s hard to imagine that supporting the economy could be an act...