Getting the Past Out Loud: Memory Projects with Wu Wenguang

Saturday, December 3, 4, 2011

A five-film weekend with documentary director and artist Wu Wenguang where he will present films from The Memory Project, based at Coachangdi Workstation in Beijing.  From there, young filmmakers fanned out to return to family villages and their own pasts, real and imagined, to inquire about The Great Famine of 1959-61 — a disaster of which memories have been actively abandoned by the state.  But the films reveal as much about the wish for memory as of memory itself and of the interesting role of film in such projects of retrieval.  Two of Wu’s works will be featured.
Saturday, December 3
12 pm   Treatment (2010, 80 min) Directed by Wu Wenguang
1:30      Q&A with the filmmaker
2:15      Luo Village: Me and Ren Dingqi (2011, 79 min) Directed by Luo Bing
3:45      Self-portrait with Three Women (2010, 70 min)
               Directed by Zhang Mengqi
5            Discussion with director and curator Wu Wenguang,
              Angela Zito and Zhang Zhen
Sunday, December 4
1 pm      Fuck Cinema (2005, 120 min) Directed by Wu Wenguang
3             Satiated Village (2011, 88 min) directed by Zou Xueping
4:45       Discussion with Wu Wenguang, Angela Zito and Zhang Zhen
Presented by The Center for Religion and Media and
The Department of Cinema Studies
Sponsored by China House and The Center for Media, Culture and History

All events are free and open to the public