Thanks to two Jewish authors, the Bible has now been revised for Jews.

Miss the first Response, Rick Perry’s church revival?  No worries.  Thankfully four more are scheduled for December, January and February, though they’ve dropped their affiliation “with any presidential candidate.” (h/t Becky Garrison)

Hallelujah.  We have 37 more days of Frequencies, a joint project of The Immanent Frame and Killing the Buddha.  Now go read all 62 past!

Thankfully, the Pope is concerned about the spread of HIV/AIDs in Africa.  Like Jon O’Brien, president of Catholics for Choice, we think there are things he could do if he were sincere.

In thinking about the question, “Are morals derived from religion?” we thankfully find this bit of news on anti-gay activity in anti-religion Russia helpful.

Evangelicals aren’t Catholics.  They should be thankful they’re not and resist temptations to “cross the Tiber” as Chris Armstrong puts it.

U.S. Catholic thinks that Catholics have very strong opinions about Obama.  Who doesn’t?!  They’re asking readers to fill out this survey on just how much you appreciate the president; they’ll publish the results in time for President’s Day.

Also, check out the list of law suits U.S. Catholic published earlier this month.  They are examples of cases that challenge the idea of religious freedom.  Then thank your founding fathers for a constitution that guarantees equality and freedom of conscience to all citizens.  You might also like to write a letter of thanks to your local bishop.