A statement on the global economy by “a rather small office in the Roman Curia” is causing some interesting commentary–by George Weigel, EJ Dionne and Talk to Action’s Greg Metzger.  At issue is the question: who speaks for the Pope?

Former Revealer managing editor, Kathryn Joyce, is sourced in an article about corporal punishment and Christianity.  The article examines a number of abuse cases in the US that have led to the deaths of children, including the influence of Michael Pearl’s book, Training up a Child. (Here’s a related NYT article.)

Is Socialism the same as Mormonism?  You know, not godly?

Does hating gays really differ that much from wanting to change then?  Warren Throckmorton’s been keeping excellent tabs on the myriad degrees of homophobia exhibited by NARTH (the National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality).  Their latest controversy is the appearance of an outspokenly anti-homo speaker, Sharon Slater, at last week’s conference.

What the original radicals, the Anabaptists, are saying about OWS:  Tim Nafzinger at The Mennonite; Steve Kriss at Mennoite Weekly Review


A British court has made it easier victims seeking rulings against the RCC. A recent decision states the Catholic Church may be responsible for priests’ sexual abuse.

Who or what a person is will be decided in Mississippi today.  Lindsay Beyerstein interviews Sidney Award winner Irin Carmon about reporting on the personhood amendment.

Real Catholics believe in the rights of workers to organize and bargain collectively.

For the sake of all that is holy!  The church of football?:  What happened in Penn State has nothing to do with the RCC’s systemic sexual abuse crisis.

“Ask me, and I will make the nations your inheritance” (Psalm 2:8): Doesn’t 93 year old Billy Graham know what bad taste it is to use “crusade” when talking about foreign countries?

Bwah! Yes, the New York Times‘ George Vecsey did say at a recent panel on writing about religion that “Reporters have to be clean slates.”