Amy Levin: Still think religion and technology don’t mix? It might be time to visit Sharper FX, Inc., a website design company specializing in “churches, ministries, and corporations.” Peruse through their sites and prepare to be dazzled by the flash animation and digitized sonorities, creating a sensual experience that is almost otherworldly. After all, “The Kingdom deserves a greater presence on the web.”

Check out some favorites, including K&K Mime – a curious combination of ministry and miming – or the International Congress of Churches and Ministries, featuring an elaborate display of textual animation, blazing fire, and deep-toned voice over. As Shaper FX proclaims, “Our goal is illustrating the virtue of Kingdom Excellency” by “exceeding the perceived limits of design.” Indeed, these websites do more than illustrate, and we might suggest that they attempt to exceed mediation itself to create an intimate, fearful, or devotional experience of the divine via cyberspace.