If you’re in New York, you should be making plans to visit the #occupywallstreet folks.  They’re being slandered and abused for saying what we all say:  the wealth of the country is being unethically siphoned off the top.  Even if you’re not saying that, you believe in unfettered freedom of speech, right? Show it.

Oh Chuck Colson, you rascal!  As soon as anti-gay Christians stifle the pro-gay media, those homos will crawl right back into the closet where they belong.  I mean telling those uppity gays, “What you do in private is your business, just don’t shove it in my face,” is fitting enough for those uppity gays.  Just not the “pro-family” Christians, right?

Justice Scalia, you did not just say that anti-homo Catholic universities are just exercising their free speech rights, did you?!   Didn’t Barney Frank already address that?

So long, Rob Bell.  If anybody can make it as a full-time writer and speaker, you can! (h/t Becky Garrison)

Pelican Bay and Calipatria prisoners will resume their hunger strike tomorrow.  Cause they’re willing to starve to bring attention to unaddressed abuse.

Kazin’s only half right.  Yes, the Left has been out-organized and out-spent by the right.  It’s crippled now, in 2011, with or without a shit economy, black president, and increased acceptance of same-sex marriage (see Colson above for the real causes of the end of democracy).  The Left blames many bogeymen–a skewed media, corporate interests, gobs of money running the Republicans’ way, the squashing of unions, and stupid Americans who really just want to be entertained and not watch depressing news–but so long as fails to do a deeper investigation of the latter, we’re left with double digit unemployment, polluted water, failing schools, and a political left that is so damn boring no one cares enough to watch.

School Lesson:  Standing up for some religious rights is wrong.  A Jonestown, Pennsylvania, school has scrapped plans to perform “Kismet,” a play about a Muslim street poet.  It won a Tony in 1954.  The school received complaints that said the show was too close to the anniversary of 9/11; there are no jihadists in the play, just Muslims.  “After reviewing the script, the decision was made to move on rather than risk controversy,” the superintendent said.