Hate the sin, love the sinner says a coalition of Christian groups, including the Vatican, who’ve compiled a new rule book for treating non-Christians with tolerance while still trying to convert them.

A San Francisco woman charges that Abercrombie & Fitch, purveyor to the young and bare-skinned, fired her for wearing a head scarf.  Apparently allowing her to work in the stock room in a scarf wasn’t “reasonable religious accommodation.”  So who was she offending?  The brand’s “natural, classic American style.”

BBC has a new program that it calls the “the definitive guide to faith on earth.”  Host Pete Owen Jones participates in 80 rituals across 6 continents in 1 year.

It was a branding coup in two respects today when the Pope sent his first tweet from an iPad (and no I’m not talking about Apple).  1. Reminder to disgruntled non-Catholics: Catholics do Jesus too!  2.  He launched his own website.

Dan Gilgoff takes a whole bunch of terms and tropes and decides that the “evangelical feminists” are coming.  What his Christian-women-seize-the-reigns article misses is this:  It’s not what Bachmann or Palin call themselves (are they even on the record using the F word?) that matters; rather attention should be called to how these “evangelical feminists” would legislate women’s actions and bodies.  Um, we all come from a patriarchy, no?

Speaking of CNN’s Belief Blog, this week they featured an article by a Mennonite who was pleased with Goshen College’s decision to discontinue playing the “Star Spangled Banner” at sporting events.  More than 4,000 comments poured in to CNN.  You can read them here.

(h/t Amy Levin)