Jo Piazza writes at the WSJ‘s Metropolis that Montauk’s the place to go to get your stick blessed.  Reverend Michael Rieder will bless your surfboard, snowboard or boogie board. Perhaps he can also put a good word in with god for a killer set.

Members of the assembled crowd whispered Sunday that Jimmy Buffet, a longtime lover of the Montauk surf, would bring his board to be blessed. A wetsuit clad and still dripping Michael Nicholoulias, 60, said he had seen Buffet surfing the breaks at Ditch Plains earlier in the day, but didn’t think the singer would make it out of the water. The waves were awfully sweet, he allowed.

Still, he hauled himself onto dry land. “I can use all the blessings I can get,” Nicholoulias said. “If this can help me rip better waves, then I am all for it.”