Abby Ohlheiser: It’s not global warming, it’s global weirding, according to a Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) article, prophetically published last Friday to ready us for today’s choking heat along the East Coast.  CBN has recently published a series of articles (read here, here and here) rekindling doubt in the evidence for global warming.  In doing so, CBN is building an argument against the idea that human action can change the Earth’s climate.  There’s a godly element to that. There’s also a business one.

The main scientific authority quoted in Friday’s article in support of the global cooling idea is Joe Bastardi, who, according to CBN, is “known as one of America’s most accurate forecasters.” Bastardi reiterated the case being built, that to assume that man can control the weather is to overstep some boundary:

Bastardi believes the earth’s climate is much too vast and complex for man to ever control its ups and downs.

“The climate is never steady,” he said, using Wisconsin as an example.

“In Wisconsin, we’ve had glaciers and we’ve also had rain forests, alright? So theoretically the range in this majestic creation in Wisconsin is that someday they could have rain forests again,” Bastardi explained.

“Someday they could have glaciers again,” he said.

Bastardi, who was a popular personality for Accuweather (where he worked for over 30 years) until he resigned earlier this year, now works for a private startup weather forcasting firm that focuses on helping businesses manage weather-related risk. The firm, Weatherbell, also hired Joseph D’Aleo, a fellow climate-change skeptic who registered the domain for ICECAP, a site that promotes global warming skepticism, in 2006.

The story is poised to become an issue in the GOP primary race, as global warming skepticism becomes a litmus test for the party nomination.