Priests for Life, a Catholic anti-choice group, and EWTN (Global Catholic Network) have teamed up to challenge women’s daytime talk shows with a show of their own, “The Catholic View for Women.”  Tired of talk shows that don’t represent traditional Catholic values?  Vatican II ruin your faith?  Think “Madonna of the Kitchen” might change the tenor of your dinner conversation — and your need for a career?  Want to tell your story about how women’s liberation stole you away from Christ?  Let those spiritually advised by Father Frank Pavone teach you New Feminism.

The new show, hosted by Janet Morana (Executive director of Priests for Life and founder of the anti-choice group Silent No More), Teresa Tomeo (radio show host and “pro-life” speaker), Astrid Bennett Gutierrez (founder of Los Angeles Pregnancy Services) sounds decidedly Evangelical.  The women give their testimonials of falling away from the church and finally returning (“reverts”), they encourage listening women to be in the world but not of it, and encourage women who go to mass but don’t embrace the faith to strengthen their relationship with Jesus Christ.

What are some of the encouraging interviewees on the first show saying about the need for this show:  “I’m a Catholic woman, I don’t use birth control, and I’m not made valid by whatever career I have.”  “How can you leave the Catholic church?  It’s so rich!  You leave because you don’t get it. Jesus wants all of us.”