In a recent interview Egyptian-born journalist Mona Eltahawy tells Bill Maher (notoriously anti-religion, Maher so often perfectly demonstrates the confounding problem the left has with articulating religious tolerance) that Egypt has less chance of becoming a theocracy than is assumed in U.S. commentary.

Business Insider paraphrases Eltahawy’s comments to Maher, augmented with stats that show 60% of polled Egyptians favor instituting Shari’ah law, thusly:

That there is a “succession of old men” that have been propped up by the United States, who have shut down any type of opposition except for the kind based on religion.

“This entire revolution is about telling these old men who have strangled our country, ‘Fuck you.’ And I’m telling your administration, ‘Let them go’ and let us take our country back.”