Abby Ohlheiser and Jessamy Klapper: Below are some of the writers and resources we’ve been using to track the continuing protests in Egypt:

Liveblogs: If you burned out on Al Jazeera English’s live video feed (and the filling of airtime in between new news bits), or simply can’t access it online or on cable, the following ongoing projects update quickly with developments as they happen.

Nick Baumann’s Egypt explainer at Mother Jones

Al Jazeera English’s staff is liveblogging.  Posts are separated by day.

The Guardian’s liveblog

The BBC is also liveblogging daily.

On Twitter: If you’re new to the twitter universe, the hashtag to check is #Jan25.  #Egypt also works.

Following Baumann’s recommendation, we’re following @SultanAlQassemi, a columnist for the National (A UAE newspaper)

Also following: @sharifkouddous – producer for Democracy Now!

Activists and siblings Mona Seif @monasosh and Alaa Abd El Fattah @alaa (who flew in from South Africa) have been tweeting regularly from the demonstrations. Mona just gave a heartbreaking interview on Al Jazeera English which is now on YouTube.

@Jan25voices:  These are tweets from a group of people based in the U.S. who call family and friends in Egypt for updates. It started during the internet blackout and slowed down a bit when the net came back, but it’s still running.

Al Jazeera keeps a twitter stream just for Egypt coverage here.

Ben Wederman from CNN also tweets regularly from @bencnn and filters through a lot of good material from other voices on Twitter.

Commentary and opinion: has some great ongoing media commentary on American coverage of the
events in Egypt (in addition to a liveblog, which looks like it hasn’t been updated since yesterday).

Religion Dispatches’s Haroon Moghul and Sarah Posner have written about the American fear of the Muslim Brotherhood.

From the New York Times (in which we detect a tinge of jealousy of Al Jazeera).

Other resources that may have slipped under the radar:

@dannyramadan, a Syrian journalist, was in Cairo until early this week, wrote about and photographed the protests in installments for art blog Hyperallergic.  The focus of the posts, as you might expect, are on the safety of the museums in Cairo, but there’s a lot of other evocative stuff in there.

For daily digests and commentary from the perspective of a young Egyptian woman much like the youth activists who began these protests, go here.  She writes under the name Zeinobia, which is also her name on Twitter.

We’ll continue to post interesting and insightful resources as the days continue.