Elissa Lerner: Have you been losing sleep over the crippling anxiety that Islamic law might one day trump Constitutional law? Fear not – Oklahoma is on the case! “Save Our State” question 755 banning shari’a law from the Sooner State passed with a whopping 70% of the vote on Tuesday. In a “pre-emptive strike” according to the proposition’s sponsor Rex Duncan, Oklahoma is now proudly the first state in the union to prevent courts from considering shari’a in reaching decisions. Please. Like they would in the first place. Oklahoma’s Muslim community hovers somewhere between 0 and .1% of the population. Ironically (and appropriately), the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) plans to sue Oklahoma for passing the amendment, on the grounds of – you guessed it – violating the First Amendment. Newt Gingrich had this helpful soundbite: “We should have a federal law that says under no circumstances in any jurisdiction in the United States will Sharia law be used in any court to apply to any judgment made about American law.” At least this issue isn’t getting hidden behind a smokescreen – California voted no on Proposition 19.