For all of the — rather successful — efforts over the past decades to convince the nation that our founders were holy men devoted to keeping God as our national co-pilot (Beck is only the most recent in a long line ahistorical claimers), sometimes Christians have to call it the way they see it. Christian J. Pinto, a documentary filmmaker, isn’t out to give a glorified shine to the constitution-writers. He wants to move America forward to a new faithfulness, not back to those “atheists” who got us started.  In his new film, “The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers,”  Pinto says that Christians could find better role models than the likes of Jefferson, Washington, and Adams.  So who were the Founding Father’s appealing to when they wrote the constitution, if not God?  Ultimately Rome, says Pinto, as a means of escaping British rule.  From the movie’s press release:

Pinto says, “This newest work really brings together so much of the research we’ve been unfolding. It shows further how the United States was planned from the beginning to help launch a global society, the New World Order.”

When asked what role the founders played in this global agenda, Pinto said, “They set forth the doctrine of religious freedom.”

“The doctrine had been designed by the Vatican and the Jesuit Order in England back in 1688,” says Pinto. “Their real purpose was to empower the Church of Rome to be in a position to overthrow England. The English Protestants rejected the idea, but Rome manipulated the revolutionaries to write it into the U.S. Constitution.”

And this was a bad idea? “Only if you believe the Bible,” Pinto says. “Most Christians in our country don’t realize that the concept of religious freedom is not biblical. It is not an inalienable right given by God. Nowhere in the Bible does God say that men have the right to worship whatever god they please.”

“Religious freedom helped unite America against England, and is today being used by the Vatican to join all the world religions into a united, one world order.”

(h/t God Discussion)