Elissa Lerner: Whoa gang, who saw last night’s episode of Glee? Although it wasn’t exactly groundbreaking, it certainly provides ample fodder for those of us who enjoy dissecting the portrayal of religion in pop culture, and particularly as a barometer in this charged election season. From Finn’s Grilled Cheesus to Mercedes’ standard black church gospel solo and all sorts of gems in between (Rachel insisting that her children be raised Jewish before letting her newfound Christian boyfriend get to second base – so real!), it was pretty clear this episode would end with some kind of affirmation of God – although probably none of us needed to hear Joan Osbourne’s “One of Us” again quite so soon. Then again, Fox had a few surprises in store – Coach Sylvester’s agnostic exposition was unusually touching, her qualms about religion in public school and the First Amendment felt especially ripe, and Kurt, in all his glory, was saved neither from his atheism nor homosexuality. Thank God for small wonders.