From “Straight Man’s Burden,” an article by Revealer founder and contributing editor Jeff Sharlet in the September issue of Harper’s magazine:

I do not understand you Americans,” he said, sighing.  “Look at a woman like Hillary Clinton, supporting the killing of babies, and then you say no, you should not threaten to punish somebody with death.”  He was coming to terms with the possibility that the threat of losing foreign aid — Sweden said they’d cut theirs; Germany would offer Museveni $148 million to muzzle Bahati — would force him to make a deal:  no death penalty.  He’d have to settle for prison and purges.  He’d have to settle for prison and purges.  “Leviticus is very clear.  If a man sleeps with a man — punishable by death.  If a woman sleeps with a man — punishable.