Yesterday, plans to build a Muslim religious center near Ground Zero were approved. Later in the day, Mayor Bloomberg spoke about the center with emotional praise. Here’s a smattering of news stories from around the web: including those that approve of the “mosque” so that “we” can, in part, keep our “enemies” closer and help them to become good Americans, Elizabeth Wurtzle at the Daily BeastMark Bergen at Religion Dispatches reviews how opposition to the center developed; MSNBC on Pat Robertson’s plans to oppose the approval; Welton Gaddy at WashPo’s On Faith blog asks why, after so many calls for “moderate” voices to counter Muslim extremism, an opportunity to support such a voice is made controversial; WSJ’s Dorothy Rabinowitz gets her hate on cause we’re Americans, not “insufficiently enlightened” liberals; Yahoo! gives a brief profile of Feisal Abdul Rauf, the man behind the center; Time’s Amy Sullivan says the controversy proves there is a new wave of intolerance.