The Sensuous Curmudgeon makes a tally of some of the more prominent creationists on the ballot for state elections the coming weeks.  You’ve got Joan Heffington who’s running against Sam Brownback in Kansas, for vote on August 3.  There’s Terry Hemple running for county school board in Florida, for vote on August 9.

It’s an interesting list to look at and consider, not only for where “GOP establishment” candidates are being challenged, but on what issues.  And here’s the point that a lot of folks are missing:  If we live in a society of religious freedom, it doesn’t really matter that a candidate believes in dinosaurs or “intelligent design” or eating hotdogs on Tuesdays.  What we can hope reporters and constituents are asking Joan and Terry and, of course Sam, is not what they believe but how — and if — they plan to respect what the rest of us choose to believe.