Thaddeus Pope, a professor at Widener School of Law and (the well-named) keeper of the site Medical Futility Blog writes today about a case of inoperable conjoined twins whose mother is opposing the hospital’s reluctancy to continue periodic resuscitation efforts.  The hospital is concerned that their efforts to keep the twin boys alive may be causing them pain and suffering. Pope writes that “the process has been agonizing for doctors and nurses at the University of Illinois Medical Center, some of whom worry that their interventions might be going too far.”  Says the mother, Brianna Manns, who decided not to have an abortion after learning that the twins would probably not survive:

“There must be a reason why I have special babies like this,” she said.  “At the end of the day, it’s God’s say-so. . . .  I believe in God 100 percent. Yes, the machines are man-made.  But God gave them those machines as well. Everything goes back to God.”