Letters to Michael Getler, Ombudsman for PBS, after show host Tavis Smiley said that Christians were as responsible for a comparable number of terrorist attacks in the US as Muslims:

“I am appalled at the statements made by Mr. Smiley regarding his uneducated and false attempt to apply a moral equivalence of Islamic Terrorists who are generally self-proclaimed Islam terrorists who kill in the name of Allah to murderers who may or may not happen to be Christian, Jewish or a Muslim who in NO-way are self-proclaimed religious terrorists. To compare them this way is disgusting, unprofessional and perpetrates disinformation to those who are not well educated on the issue. I expect a full apology from Mr. Smiley and your network which I understand is in part government funded for this outrageous and slanderous claim.” — Douglas Kihm, Salt Lake City, UT

“What is wrong with Tavis Smiley? How can he claim that Christian terrorists are more numerous that Muslim terrorists? Who is the Christian equivalent to the 9/11 bombers? Is there a Christian equivalent to the shoe bomber or the underwear bomber, who both tried to kill an airliner full of passengers and anyone unlucky enough to be on the ground nearby? How about some truth and honesty?” — Roseville, MI

“I am ashamed that PBS would sponsor the uninformed or outright lying as was perpetrated by Tavis Smiley on his recent program. In stating that Christians murder more people that fundamentalist Islamists, and that the do so on a daily basis, and attributing post office and Columbine massacres to Christianity is . . . Sinful.” — Mike Ship, San Antonio, TX

“Having just watched a video of Tavis Smiley’s interview with Ms. Ali, I cannot believe that this so-called host has a job. He continually accused Christians of being murdering terrorists, citing the shooting at Columbine and the bombing at Oklahoma City as evidence to support his statement. These killings are not “Christian” in anyway, and for PBS to have a host claim that they are is insulting (at best). This man should be fired immediately, or at least suspended from his role as a host. His guest continually questioned the assertions that he made.” — Pete Bielski, Severna Park, MD

“Those were some rather astonishing claims against Christians and the Tea Party Tavis Smiley mentioned in his interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Perhaps he could leave his bias aside next time he has a guest on to discuss Islamic issues who obviously comprehends the far greater level of danger in America from Muslim terrorists than Christians.” — Shiremanstown, PA

“Please ask Tavis Smiley to give examples when he makes broad statements on his show, and to please give accurate examples. He said on a show earlier this week that there were as many or more Christian terror acts in this country as there were radical Islam terror attacks. He sited the Columbine shootings. He needs to check his facts. Those boys were atheist not Christian at all. He should be able to provide one example but he could not and did not. Please have him issue an apology for his ignorance.” — Ruth Wilson, Atlanta, GA