David Nolan of Catholics for Choice gives us a run-down of the agenda for the upcoming World Congress of Families Regional Congress, an event to be held during the UK’s “National Family Week.”  You can guess what kind of families organizers and speakers are — in some cases, literally — lobbying for.  (Not yours nor mine, most likely.  Indeed, the agenda gives the impression that there once was a God-blessed mythical family, a foundational community building block that, if reestablished, would end a host of social ills that, um, secular government can’t; it’s a notion that historical and contemporary data in both the US and the UK refutes.  But let’s not much up a fine story.)  Nolan writes:

While National Family Week celebrates “the great diversity of families in the UK,” this conference has something a bit more particular in mind. According to its Web site, the purpose of the World Congress on Families is to defend the traditional family from “ideologies of statism, individualism and sexual revolution,” and a shopping list of associated problems including “divorce, devaluation of parenting, declining family time, morally relativistic public education, confusions over sexual identity, promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, abortion, poverty, human trafficking, violence against women, child abuse, isolation of the elderly, excessive taxation and below-replacement fertility.” To call this gathering conservative would be an understatement.

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