Mary Valle: Pope Benedict recently touched down at the shrine at Fatima, where the Virgin Mary appeared to children and advised them about hell, Russia and a white-clad figure who would appear in a field of martyrs. Pilgrims still flock to the shine to pray to Mary for help with their ailments. The Pope himself spoke to the gathered, urging them to “overcome the feeling of uselessness, of suffering which wears people down and makes them feel like they are a weight around the neck of others, when in fact suffering, lived through Jesus, leads to salvation.” It is a tradition at Fatima for pilgrims to hurl plaster casts of troublesome body parts (like hearts, lungs, eyes) into a bonfire while praying for healing. Here’s another idea, Papa: (to go with the Vatican exorcism) A great gathering of priests at Fatima hurling plaster penises, hands and brains into a fire! What an amazing photo op! Also, Holy Father? Speaking of photo ops? You might want to avoid kissing babies for a while. Just a suggestion!