No, Fox didn’t pick up an Onion story.  Yes, Wentworth, Georgia has a mayor named “Pig,” aka Glenn Jones.  Yes, a company named Senior Citizens, Inc. does feed seniors at a rest home, on the federal dime.  And yes, they’ve asked the staff to refrain from organizing a before-meal prayer because they fear it’s a violation of church and state.  Pig’s not at all happy.  Neither is former state senator and current gubernatorial candidate, Eric Johnson.  He visited the home on Monday and said the blessing himself.

“I told them they’re not fighting this alone,” Johnson, a Republican, told “To heck with the federal government — we can’t stop people from free practice of their faith.”

Meanwhile, Jones, who said he was so “outraged” upon learning of the controversy that he couldn’t appear for on-camera interviews last week, is confident a compromise can be made.