An upcoming governor’s race in Wyoming has Billings Gazette reporter Joan Barron asking if the faith of the four conservative candidates — no Democrat has yet entered the race — will play a role in the election.  From present and former candidates she gets the answer: no, no, and no. Candidate Ron Micheli, a Mormon, denies having a strategy for capturing the Mormon vote. Mormons make up 10 percent of the Wyoming population and are the third largest religious group in the state. Barron quotes the state Senate President, John Hines, to clarify what is and is not at issue in the election:  “…a candidate with positions like Micheli’s on family values and ‘the age-old issue of abortion’ have more impact on people’s voting decisions than religion.”  Which leaves us to wonder where opposition to the at least decades-old issue of abortion and support for “family values” indeed comes from — and to assume that the source won’t matter to voters?