Jeff Sharlet: Daniel Radosh sucks one in this Bloggingheads “diavlog” — a video blog conversation Daniel and I had about Daniel’s delightful new book, Rapture Ready! Adventures in the Parallel Universe of Christian Pop Culture. You can watch the whole half-hour diavlog, or you can skip straight to the sucker, a green, cross-shaped lollipop Daniel picked up at the Christian Booksellers Association convention, just one example of what industry insiders — not radical secular leftists! — call “Jesus junk.” Daniel has also created one of the best book websites I’ve seen, with a “multiamedia appendix” of visual aids. Lollipops notwithstanding, Daniel’s no sucker — Rapture Ready‘s a smart book about a surprisingly subtle subject, and one that should be of interest to evangelical readers as well as a couple of Brooklyn Jews like Daniel and me.