TODAY! Revealer readers in New York can get an inside view of China’s booming Christian culture and meet one of China’s most provocative filmmakers at a special event presented by the Center for Religion and Media (home of The Revealer)The Cross & The Camera: the films of Gan Xiao’er
In the post-Mao era, religious life rarely appears in China’s new independent films. Gan’s feature Raised From Dust portrays the troubles of a rural Christian family whose father is dying. The documentary Church Cinema shows Christian audiences’ reactions to his feature.
1:00–2:45 pm: Raised from Dust / Juzi chentu (2007; 102 min.)
3:00–4:30 pm: PREMIEREChurch Cinema / Jiaotang dianying (2008; 60 min.)
4:30–6:00 pm: Roundtable with filmmaker Gan Xiao’er, Ruoyun Bai (Media, Culture and Communicaion), Jonathan Kahana (Cinema Studies), moderated by Angela Zito. (See Angela’s interview with the maker of Into Great Silence.) TODAY, free, at Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo, 24 West 12th Street.