By Angela Zito

We here at The Revealer have seen a change over the summer.   Ann Neumann, who became The Revealer’s second editor in January 2010, left us in June to write full time—our loss and the book world’s gain!   In July, we happily welcomed Kali Handelman to that seat.

Kali comes to The Revealer having spent ten years in New York City working in the visual arts and independent publishing.  During that time, she got a BA in Cultural and Media Studies from Eugene Lang College at The New School and an MA in Religious Studies from Columbia University.  She is interested in literature, visual art, architecture, politics, law, and religion, and invested in exploring what these disciplines and categories have to offer one another.  As she notes: “I think of religion as a critical nexus for talking about politics, economics, representation, culture, technology, identity, and all the other forces at work in forming communities and relationships.”

Kali will continue the work that Revealer editors and contributors have done to engage and inform readers and encourage conversation not only about religion, but about what we talk about when we talk about religion. She is committed to the continuing expansion of The Revealer’s readership, and its coverage, beyond domestic, U.S. interests into international arenas (enabled thanks to a grant from the Henry R. Luce Foundation’s Initiative on Religion and International Affairs, awarded in 2011 to The Center for Religion and Media).

As a journalist who has written for The Nation, Guernica magazine, and the The New York Law Review, Ann Neumann remains a valuable member of our team as a Visiting Scholar at The Center for Religion and Media and a Contributing Editor to The Revealer.  We wish her every success in the future!

Kali Handelman will continue the work of bringing our readers The Revealer’s attentive analysis of current events as well as its dedication to creating a space for thoughtful in-depth features on topics of historical and contemporary importance. We hope you’ll join us in welcoming her and in wishing her a fruitful editorial tenure.

Angela Zito teaches anthropology and religious studies at New York University and specializes in Chinese cultural history and media.  She is a documentary filmmaker and festival curator as well as co-director of The Center for Religion and Media, publisher of The Revealer.