The C Street discount dweller Representative Jerry Moran (R-KS) is firing back at those who charge he was illegally receiving discounted and undeclared housing from The Family, the secretive Christian group profiled in Revealer founder Jeff Sharlet’s best seller last year. After adultery scandals came to light regarding three of the legislators living in the house, Ohio pastors have petitioned the IRS to examine C Street’s non-profit status and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics made a formal complaint. WritesTalking Points Memo:

Moran has been getting questions about the charges back in his district. And in response, he told the Topeka Capitol-Journal that criticism of his cozy arrangement amounted to “a national effort to exclude matters of faith by public servants.” Moran continued: “I don’t think that my interest in studying the Bible with other colleagues of mine in Congress ought to be seen as anything but good or at least personal — whether you think it’s good or bad it ought to be a decision I make as a member of Congress, as a human being.”