Ann Neumann: Tired of being a persecuted Christian? Rowan Williams’ got your back!The Archbishop of Canterbury spoke during his Easter sermon about the “strange mixture of contempt and fear” of Christians in British society, evidenced by the push for “euthanasia.” But I’d watch his motives if I were you: Williams and the Catholic Church are about to embark on a campaign for greater involvement in the upcoming elections and have a vested interest in controlling the renewed health care debate. In the wake ofDebbie Purdy’s legal victory last summer — which allows her husband, Omar, to accompany her to Switzerland for an assisted suicide should her MS become unbearable — and the subsequent fiery public discourse about assisted suicide (that entangled acid-tongued Martin Amis, ungainfully-employed Kier Starmer, Alzheimer’s-afflicted SirTerry Pratchett, and every Catholic health care network and facility on the island), the Catholic Church has more at stake in health care law and elections than your unfortunate persecution. In short, Williams is hoping you’ll continue to let him make your health care decisions for you.