Chastity is all the rage: NYT‘s Alex Williams falls all over chastity crusader Lauren F. Winner and her new book, Real Sex, in the paper’s Fashion & Style section. “She wears retro cat’s-eye glasses, has four tattoos, weaves references to the French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu into casual conversation and sips Côtes du Rhône over lunch.” Williams goes on to count the ways in which Winner (an interesting writer, despite the evidence of this profile) is rocking the evangelical world because she talks openly about the fact that sex feels good. As Ms. Winner, an Orthodox Jew before she became an evangelical might say, oy. Evangelicals have been openly discussing sex for the last couple of decades. But The Times sees evangelicals as trendy, and it needs a movement diva — a “personality” — around which to re-organize the world. Secularists who have sex outside of marriage? So last year. Sex-positive celibates? Hot. To hell with journalism that asks a smart cookie like Winner some tough questions. The Times has found a new radical chic — evangelical conservatism.