Queer Scout Badge by Mary Tremonte, $4 at Justseeds.org

Queer Scout Badge by Mary Tremonte, $4 at Justseeds.org

The Family Research council is sponsoring a webcast, “Stand with Scouts Sunday,” where churches will be able to “learn what you can do to preserve Scouting as its founders envisioned it – as a resource for young men to develop in morally, mentally, and physically healthy ways, free to be boys and teens without the invasion of cultural controversies.”  We highly recommend you watch this video.

Wait, at least they aren’t threatening bloodshed, or claiming that their religion is being attacked as a “thought crime,” right?

Gay marriage undoubtedly has been a source of contention between the Religious Right and members of the Republican Party. Cue Libertarians and the Tea party to come save the day.  Maybe with them there will be fewer domestic-left-leaning terrorists.

Os Hillman reminds us that “it’s not a sin to be a black person or live as a black person according to the Bible” and thus gay marriage is not a civil rights issue, but a moral one. Legalizing same-sex marriage, as Hillman writes, is a “slippery slope” as it might lead to the civil-liberty recognition of “polygamists” and “pedophiles.” Why is it that gay marriage repeatedly gets linked to other “unnatural” behaviors that fall outside the charmed circle?

Speaking of rights:  The Boston Marathon has now been linked to abortion thanks to James Robison, American Televangelist and founder of the Christian organization Life Outreach International. Robison writes that because “relativism in our society today purposely blurs the distinctions between good and evil,” we must, as the prophet Haggai implores us, “Consider our ways!” Will someone please hand this guy a Nietzsche book?