05 April 2010

Prolific Steven Ertelt, theĀ voice of LifeNews, used the holiday as a chance to raise some funds for his cause — the unborn. Two Senators get the Judas treatment:

As the Gospels tell us, Jesus was betrayed for 30 pieces of silver by one of this disciples — the 12 people He chose to be his closest students, advisors, and friends. When Jesus chose the twelve, surely none of the disciples saw coming the powerful way in which Judas Iscariot would sell out his loving teacher and friend. None of them likely expected the high priests of the Sanhedrin — the very religious teachers they listened to before Jesus began His ministry to play such a crucial role in betraying the Son of God. And undoubtedly, none of them saw coming the accusations these religious leaders hurled at Jesus that He was a liar, a deceptive false prophet, and less worthy to be alive than a common thief. Peter, himself, couldn’t imagine betraying Jesus — and protested such an accusation just days before repeatedly denying he even knew Jesus. But all those things came to pass. In a similar way, the pro-life movement experienced a similar betrayal by people who they regarded as friends and allies. Never in the wildest dreams of the pro-life leaders and strategies operating on Capitol Hill did they think longtime Sen. Ben Nelson would sell out pro-life principles to include abortion funding in the Senate health care bill. After he compromised a career built on confounding the Democratic Party on the issue of abortion, pro-life advocates placed their hope in Congressman Bart Stupak. And why not? Stupak is the co-chairman of the Congressional Pro-Life Caucus, the top pro-life leaders in Congress. He spoke out time and time again against abortion funding, publicly opposed his the abortion funding colleague Ben Nelson brokered, and adamantly refused in every interview to vote for a health care bill funding and promoting abortion. As you and I know, Stupak caved and his betrayal — for an executive order that every pro-life group deems worthless — is regarded as one of the biggest against the pro-life movement in decades.

History shows that betrayers have a tough time with reelection.