Time was when poor churches rented retail space in malls and storefronts because their congregations were unable to buy or build churches of their own. Not so anymore, at least in Wasilla, Alaska, where the Crossroads Community Church — a baby megachurch, with a congregation of approximately 1,200 — is close to purchasing the entire Cottonwood Creek Mall (valued at $14.8 million), located in one of the area’s most lucrative commericial districts. If the deal is finalized, Crossroads plans to hold “massive Sunday services” in a former Payless/Rite Aid location “while running the rest of the mall as a retail hot-spot” (preferably adding one more anchor store to increase foot traffic). Though Crossroads says it won’t fill the mall with Christian retailers, and would only bar seriously unbiblical businesses, such as liquor stores, a Waldenbooks that has resided in the mall for 21 years is wary that the church might disapprove of some of its content, and could use that against them in lease renewal negotiations. But other mall businesses, such as the food court’s heresy-free pizzeria, would be happy to have Crossroads ownership, as the church might help “‘bring people back into the mall.'” A high calling indeed.