Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Joyous Federal Non-Work Days to all!¬†The Revealer¬†will be taking its first formal publishing break since we began publishing in November of 2003. From Dec. 23 – Jan. 2, we leave you with this special holiday image. The photographer is Arang Keshavarzian. The time is last month. The furrowed brow belongs to Laleh Khorramian, an Iranian-American from a Shi’ite family. The place is The Holyland Experience (a theme park in Orlando), where Easter comes in November and Christ(mas), like the apocalypse, is always now.

We’ll be back January 2, 2005 with our triple daily blog, a new books editor (Scott Korb), a new assistant editor (Kate Hawley), and lots of new writing.