An international, interfaith team of U.S. evangelicals and ultra-Orthodox Israeli Jews have come together to fight the upcoming World Pride Parade from taking place in Jerusalem this August, claiming that the gay parade would offend the religious sensibilities of local Jews and Muslims, not to mention American Christians like San Diego pastor (and former Las Vegas entertainer) Leo Giovinetti. Giovinetti, who’s leading the Christian branch of the anti-parade coalition, claims that the organizers of the parade are intentionally targeting holy cities (the last parade took place in Rome) in order to “‘sow disunity,'” and that he felt compelled to protest as a “friend of Israel.” Though Jerusalem authorities say they have no power to cancel the parade, which has already been approved by the police, the group hopes to gather one million signatures on an international petition protesting the parade, and in an unprecedented act, the entire Shas Knesset faction have joined the effort, calling the parade a “‘declaration of war'” on the sanctity of the city.