What does Eve Ensler have to do with the president of Uganda? The Vagina Monologues were banned in the country last week for promoting prostitution and homosexuality, and Charles Onyango-Obbo, a columnist for The East African, is perplexed, having considered Uganda among the most sexually liberal of African nations. After all, Onyango-Obbo writes, there are state-owned Ugandan newspapers that contain nothing but “pornography.” However, the politics of porn have changed dramatically under a born-again president, Yoweri Museveni and his wife, Janet, who recently proposed a national census of virgins as part of an abstinence-only anti-AIDS campaign. According to Onyango-Obbo, President Museveni, who once made a failed attempt to end corruption in the Uganda Revenue Authority by appointing only born-again Christians, has profited from a “religious fundamentalist standard” that negates the influence of old Movement heroes and attracts young “firebrand” evangelists to campaign for a president-for-life office. And meanwhile the “porn papers” — written in Luganda, the language of the masses — titillate and distract citizens who might otherwise be reading serious politics.