09 January 2006

A funny little article from Charles Haynes, the First Amendment Center representative and talking head of choice for all things litigio-cultural. Even as Haynes predicts little respite from religious controversies in 2006, he affects fatigue with the culture wars he’s built a reputation (and career) on — going so far to poke fun at the excesses of Fox News’ Christmas Wars extravaganza last December. So does that make Haynes a voice of reason in this debate? (Especially with his wounded aside about the passing over of his Bible Literacy Project for more conservative public school Bible electives.) Possibly — his comments were about the only readable portion of last season’s reactionary polemic, John Gibson’s The War on Christmas. But possibly it’s also an indicator that while the hard-core culture warriors of the right lick their recent wounds over Intelligent Design and the backfiring of the “Happy Holidays” boycotts, yet another seeming “moderate” conservatism is stepping into the place of gaudy, righteous populism, with goals that seem more like requests than demands, but besides seeming gentler, is substantively the same.