“Over the past decade, I have engaged in an intellectual and spiritual odyssey that began when I was in my late twenties, in the depths of an existential crisis…I was brought up as an atheist in a countercultural milieu — my mother was a novelist, book editor, and former member of the Beat Generation; my father was an abstract painter living in SoHo. I had internalized the modern scientific view of a world lacking a sacred or transcendent dimension — the ‘universe in ruins’ described by Bertrand Russell. Suffering from nihilism, I found that I desperately needed to interrogate my world view, and to see if there were any other options. The only events in my life that suggested the possibility of other forms of consciousness or other realms of being were my psychedelic journeys on mushrooms and LSD, back in college. I decided to return to psychedelics…” Journalist, editor, and son of Jack Kerouac’s ex-girlfriend, Daniel Pinchbeck details his years of spiritual questing in “The Mayan Apocalypse,” on Non-Prophet.