Zain Shauk: In a recent Los Angeles Times Op-Ed, radio host Dennis Prager posed five questions that he said non-Muslims would like to have answered. They included questions about why so many atrocities are committed in the name of Islam and why none of the Palestinian terrorists are Christian. He makes overwhelming generalizations about Muslims, asking them, “Why are you so quiet?” and accusing them — apparently all 1.3 billion of them — of not condemning acts of violence “perpetrated by Muslims in the name if Islam.” In his blog, University of Michigan professor Juan Cole commented on Prager’s Op-Ed, saying that by addressing all Muslims, Prager “is thus framing his questions with the implication that those Muslims are all trouble-makers and have something to answer for.” Many of Prager’s questions, Cole says, are based in a framework of ignorance toward what seem to be obvious answers to his questions. “Of course, Muslims have been anything but quiet about terrorism and all sorts of Muslim leaders and groups have repeatedly condemned it. Muslims haven’t been ‘quiet.’ Prager hasn’t been listening.” Cole responds to each of Prager’s questions and doesn’t neglect to point out that “the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a much more violent group than Arafat’s Fateh, was led by Christian George Habash. In fact, the PFLP had to hire Easter Orthodox priests to minister its fighters.”