28 December 2005

“So, as I read on and on about Jesus demanding that his disciples forgo any thoughts of family or wealth, plus endless examples of behavior which surely must seem wimpy to Bush if he took them literally, I realized that what he might be finding ‘hard to explain’ are the contradictions between Jesus’s teachings and Bush’s own actions. Maybe Bush had, of necessity, found a new way to interpret all this. If changing ‘Thou shalt not kill’ to ‘You shall not murder’ somehow justifies all versions of war from self-defense to pre-emptive, plus the death penalty and even timely torture, maybe the same sleight of hand could be used more extensively. After all, Christianity has gone through so many revisions in 2000 years that it’s possible in our day for believers to be as polarized in their teachings as Martin Luther King and Pat Robertson.” The Village Voice’s Sylvia Topp undertakes a tongue-in-cheek search for the roots of George Bush’s personal Jesus.