Intelligent Design advocates’ tactic of painting their opponents’ pro-evolution arguments as another belief-set or religion — a tactic well-honed by conservative pundits over the past year — graduates from PR-stunt to litigation claim this week, as a California couple sues UC Berkeley for portions of their website that “endorse religious views consistent with [evolution].” The litigants, Jeanne and Larry Caldwell, claim that the website’s links to the statements of religious groups that don’t have a problem with evolution amount to an endorsement of certain religions over others. Meanwhile, halfway back East, a University of Kansas religion professor issued an apology for remarks he’d written about his upcoming class on Intelligent Design “and other Religious Mythologies,” that ended up on an internet listserve. In the wake of the professor accidentally-publicized comments on I.D. proponents — “fundies” who would be offended by the class title’s inclusion of Intelligent Design alongside other “mythologies” — the course’s name has been changed to simply “Intelligent Design and Creationism.”