Harriet Miers either “found Christ” in 1989, or else she lost her faith in that same year, and she is either definitely going to hell, or she isn’t, depending on where you’re coming from. Maybe not the sort of thing Karl Rove would usually speculate on, but speculate on it he has, much to the aggravation of Republican Star-Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine, who wonders why Bush’s senior advisor is taking sides — albeit only through the use of such as evangelese as saying the formerly Catholic Miers “became a Christian” in ’89 — in the bitter, and lately resurfacing, contest between “born-agains” and Catholics, each of whom sees their own version of Christianity as the one true path, and all others as damned. Why would Rove stumble into such a no-win theological debate? No good reason that we can see, except maybe Mulshine’s wager that Bush’s golden boy is losing his edge.