Nellie Day: Kentucky’s Messenger-Inquirer, like many other American papers, tries to present an unbiased look at the soon-to-be film version of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. Instead, Karen Owen spends 25 paragraphs back-and-forthing on the strangely past-tense headline: “‘Da Vinci Code,’ Upcoming Film Upset Catholics.” What’s remarkable are the reasons Owen’s sources give for taking such passionate stances on the book, and the as-yet-to-be-seen film.

Statements such as “It’s anti-Catholic” and “I really enjoyed [the book]” serve as the backbones of arguments from people who seem to have little of substance to say on the subject. And who are these opinionated, informed people? The former is a Catholic who refused to read, listen, see or discuss anything about The Da Vinci Code. The latter is a bit more knowledgeable because she actually read it. Though she supports the book being made into a movie, she also says she could see how it upset some Catholics. Owen juxtaposes these opinions to show the different sides of this issue, but in the end little information, or solace, can be taken from this piece.