Jason Carter: Although the irony is difficult to miss, The Los Angeles Times’ Josh Getlin dutifully points out that the trial between Dover residents and the city’s school board looks oddly like a rerun of Scopes, only this time with evolutionists on the offensive. But while it may seem tiresome to read yet another “in the beginning” allusion in the lead for a story mentioning creationism, Getlin,to his credit, deftly balances the hot-blooded contentions on both sides of the emerging Intelligent Design debate. Through thorough reporting, Getlin uncovers discord even among I.D. proponents over the school board’s decision requiring that their theory be taught alongside Darwinian Evolution. The Discovery Institute denounces the board’s mandate, revealing a curious divergence of opinion within the design argument. This schism begs further investigation to shed light on the differences between Southern fundamentalists and researchers who balk at the politicizing of their theory.