The NYT offers up as evidence that consumer hi-tech is the most awesome force in, like, history the new trend of church sermons by podcast — excuse me, “Godcast”! There are, of course, interesting questions to ask about how podcasting church sermons may effect the spiritual lives of individuals, pastors, and congregations; but the Times asks very few of them. To be fair, “Missed Church? Dowload It to Your Ipod” appears in the technology, not known for its subtle theological and ecclesiological inquiries. But reporter Tania Ralli chose as her subject a pastor who we happen to know a little bit about, since Chris Lehmann profiled him and his media church more than a year ago for The Revealer, in a piece titled “The Medium is the Messiah.” Lehmann’s and Ralli’s accounts make for a nice comparative study in the kind of questions that can be asked about technology, proselytizing, and God.