Prayer Muckraker: Terry Heaton inteviews evangelical leader Brian McLaren on postmodernism, post-colonialism, and what might be called muckraking prayer: “One of the things we’re going to do [in response to Darfur] is five Sundays of outdoor public worship in Washington, D.C. where I live, and the second week, we’re going to be in front of the National Press Club. And we’re going to publicly, in prayer, thank the journalists who have covered Darfur in trying to keep this on the national consciousness. But we’re also going to pray by name for all the news directors who are giving us 20 hours of Michael Jackson coverage a week and seconds, or minutes or nothing in Darfur coverage. Those are moral decisions.”

Santorum for Choice: Media Matters says The New York Times left out not only context for Sen. Rick Santorum‘s ahistorical American history, but a key fact from his own history: Santorum was pro-choice before he got into power. Unfortunately, Media Matters doesn’t offer a source for this claim. If it’s true, it seems like a serious omission.

Now Krusty is a Man: Top 10 TV b’nai mitzvahs of all time! But they’re all out of order. How can Diff’rent Stroke‘s Arnold‘s almost bar mitzvah — #5 — rank over Krusty the Klown‘s adult bar mitzvah on The Simpsons — perversely ranked at #10?