Maple Sugar Me, Baby

More naughty bunny news: Slate‘s Dana Stevens interviews (halfway through her column) a spokeswoman for “Postcards from Buster,” the PBS kid’s cartoon show which the new education secretary, Margaret Spellings, has denounced because one episode includes a character with two mothers and focuses on Vermont “maple sugaring.” That’s where one woman swallows — oh, wait. Apparently, it’s something to do with pine trees. Nothing naughty. Still, those trees could be gay. Better hide your kids. (Adults only: Stevens cites an old C-Span interview in which Spellings seemed unconcerned with “untraditional” families. Could the Spellings attack actually be a media maneuver? Y’know — showcase the snobbery of lesbian-lovin’, maple-sugarin’, non-Vermont-hatin’ liberal media? Nah. That’d be cynical. It’s easier to just buy journalists off, a steamy, intimate technique that henceforth shall be known as “maple sugaring.”)