Could James Dobson be heading back to the fringe? His organization, Focus on the Family and another Christian conservative group, the American Family Association, are targeting the cartoon character SpongeBob SquarePants, as well as Barney the Dinosaur, Arthur, Dora the Explorer, JoJo, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Big Bird and Bob the Builder as part of an “insidious” gay plot to manipulate and potentially brainwash kids into thinking gayness is okay. Dobson’s charge comes after the character’s creators lent him to a multi-cartoon video promoting a “tolerance pledge” created by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The pledge includes tolerance for different sexual identities, but is not included on the video, and can only be found on the SPLC website. The video’s creators maintain that the project was intended to foster multiculturalism after 9/11 but Dobson is not convinced, saying, “‘It is a classic bait and switch.'”