Every now and then The Revealer receives a press release, or a sales pitch, or a call to arms — or, as in the case below, a call to “the craft” — that’s compelling enough to present as a kind of primary source journalism. Not because we’re endorsing or mocking the document in question, but because we’re revealing one of the realities of lived religion that doesn’t fit in ordinary media narrative. In this case, the intersection of faith, politics, and “rolling spells,” the “magick” more and more people believe will be required to get the country out of The Mess It’s In.

It’s worth noting that the creators of the National Day of Prayer — the federally-funded celebration of “Judeo-Christian” prayer established in 1952, alongside the changes to the pledge and national motto — probably never had anything like this in mind. But that’s what happen when you create new rituals — other people claim them for uses of their own.

National Witches Days of Prayer

Who?: Witches, Wiccans, Pagans, Druids, Root-Workers, Magickians, Hoodooist, Conjurors, and Earth-Based Practitioners of all Traditions We Wish to Invite You to Join Us in the National Witches Days of Prayer.

When: Starting October 31, 2004 through November 2, 2004.

What?: “A Rolling Spell” that Spiritualists can participate in. The spell will be performed on specific days and at specific times a day. Spiritual Practitioners will choose from seven specific times a day so that somewhere in the nation Practitioners will be performing spells at the same time and conjuring energy for the national prayer.

Why?: This is a dark time in our nation’s history. There are forces in the U.S. that are negatively affecting our civil liberties, peace from wars, our rights to choose, our rights to vote, the environment of our Mother Earth, our economic health, our choices in life partners, health care, foreign relations and diplomacy, education of our children, our religious choices and so much more. This is a chance for us to make a difference. As things are going, we may not have another chance.

On August 28th and 29th marches began in New York against the Republican Convention. We are asking that you join us to begin our own “Spiritual March” to release the negative forces that are darkening our nation, and to help us find balance once again. Our goal is to pray for Divine Spiritual Guidance to “choose the right person to be President of the United States” on November 2, 2004. This choice will not only affect the people of the U.S. but it will also affect the people of the world.

The leader we choose here will also be the world leader. All nations will depend on the choice that we make in November.

How?: Those who wish to participate in the prayer will start on the date(s) of their choice between October 31st (Samhain) through November 2nd (Voting Day). Then they can choose the time period that is convenient for them. They can choose between the seven time periods of: 6:15am; 8:30am; 12:30pm; 3:00pm; 7:00pm; 9:00pm or 12:00 midnight. This will allow participants to be in sync with others in prayer and allow the prayers to be in a continuous “rolling” sequence, time after time and day after day.

Practitioners can participate as often as they wish. In other words: they may pray multiple times a day, and as many of the three days that they wish.

Tools to Be Used: The given chant is all that is necessary to participate. However, any Practical Magick such as:

Root-workings, Circles, Candle-workings (white for hope, green for prosperity, brown for grounding the nation, gold for success, candles are highly recommended), rituals, ritual tools of Practitioner’s tradition are welcome. We only ask that:

1) The spell work is positive.

2) The spell will not be directed toward any specific individual or group.

3) If a Practitioner truly knows who is best for the country it is not necessary for a name to be mentioned.

Give way to the judgment of the Divine.

4) Participants will repeat the following chant at least 3 times as a cohesive binder to make potent all spells casted:

***On This Hour We Call Upon The Universal Power

***As Many We Speak in One True Voice

***United We Pray for the Nation’s Choice.

***Earth Rain Fire Wind

***Take Evil From Our Country, Let Peace and Prosperity In.

***Distinguish Between He Who is Man and Mouse

***Only The Best for Our Country May Reign Our Nation’s House.

***So Mote It Be

We sincerely hope that you join us in our first National Witches Days of Prayer.

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