God apparently prefers Coors. Peter Coors, that is, the brewery heir who won yesterday’s Republican primary for the open Senate seat from Colorado. “‘For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been thanking God for such a tough race,’ Coors said Tuesday night at his rally at Coors Field in Denver,” reportsĀ The Denver Post. “‘It toughens me up for what’s ahead. And tonight I thank God for this great victory.'”

But it’s a bit more complicated than divine intervention, although you wouldn’t know it from theĀ Post‘s uninspired reporting. Coors, a moderate Republican with deep pockets, entered the race against underfunded, conservative Republican Representative Bob Shaffer with what seemed like only one issue on his mind: lowering the drinking age to 18. But as Shaffer scored points for his genuine Christian conservative credentials, Coors tacked so hard to the moral right that his own company campaigned against him.

In the end, the man whose name is practically a synonym for “Colorado” won. God’s reward for newfound piety? Or did Colorado Christian conservatives succumb to a blitz of beer-funded mammon?